The ‘project’ based approach with reasonable free rein on what to do and how is an excellent way to build up all important project management skills…research, thinking ahead, balancing breadth and depth of coverage, balancing simplicity and complexity, presentation skills, thinking about your audience, etc.

These are great skills to build up, even at this young age. Over the period of Curiosity, [my son] definitely learnt from others ideas, ways of approaching the projects, standards required, etc. More so than through normal homework or test exercises. I am a big supporter of Curiosity.

Parent – Hilden Grange


When I complete a challenge I feel proud because it was all independent and I used all of the new facts I had learnt!

Pupil – Manor Leas Junior Academy


It has been a joy to pick and learn amazing things from challenge cards. I have had fun doing creative challenges. My favourite bit of Curiosity was getting badges because you know that you have achieved something and you feel good about it. You feel proud.

Pupil – St John’s CE Primary School


This has been a truly inspirational project for both the pupils and the teachers. Fabulous activities which harness a child’s interest and creativity made for a wonderful learning journey. We loved watching the children and seeing how many ways they were able to present the same thing.

Jane & Josh – Class Teachers



I am so thankful for what you have done, you made us wonder about important things and because of that our knowledge grew. I have never felt smarter in my life.

Pupil – San Antonio District


We had the absolute BEST time exploring world history with the Curiosity Club!! 🙂

Debbie Mollicone – Head of Gifted & Talented Programme


Girls and staff had a wonderful, challenging time. The girls’ curiosity was indulged to the full and they learnt across all areas of the curriculum: academic, social and co-curricular.

Chrissie Conway – Senior Teacher


The creativity and individuality of the challenges has totally inspired the children…….they will also acquire lifelong skills, knowledge and, most importantly, have a lot of fun at the same time.

Rosie Pike – Librarian


“Curiosity is a distinctive and inspiring way for children to follow their own interests and would make an ideal homework replacement initiative for autonomous and adventurous project-based learning. This programme is just what a rigid and data-driven school system has been crying out for and gives pupils a voice of their own.

John Dabell – As seen in Teach Primary magazine


“Curiosity Club has been a success. Learning through choice helped to motivate, engage and inspire our pupils to be independent learners. Not only did they develop their knowledge but decision making, researching, organisation and having to take responsibility for their learning came to the fore.”

Jason Davie – Head of Learning


“You have created something astonishing

Sally Quirk – Headteacher



“For me, Curiosity has been amazing it has allowed me to present my talents and skills, allowed me to show how competitive I am, allowed me to try out new things, improved my research skills and most importantly taught me some awesome facts.”

Pupil – Midlands Academy