Every school is unique and will choose to use Curiosity in their own way as you can see through our Case Studies.  Curiosity is often tailored to the specific needs of a school so please contact us to discuss your requirements by phoning 01732 667669, emailing or completing our contact form.

Prices start from around £12 per pupil.  As an example, a ‘standard’ package is available for £1,400 which includes:

  • 36 pupil licences valid for 1 academic year
  • 36 Curiosity Kits including a Curiosity Passport, fold-out timeline, stickers and a set of badges for each pupil
  • 3 Curiosity Visits spread over the year; A kickoff session to get you started, a follow-up visit shortly afterwards and then a further visit later on that is scheduled to suit you – this is sometimes used for prize giving or presentations
  • A Teacher familiarisation and training session
  • Teacher support resources including set up and operation help videos and guidance
  • Remote support with tech phone hotline

Discounts are available for short-use licences where a reduced number of visits are required and packages can start from as little as £800 depending on requirement.  Additional pupils or visits can easily be added.  Please talk to us as every school is unique and every package is tailored to requirements.

At Curiosity, we believe we offer great value for money for the benefits you and your students gain, but we appreciate not every school has ready access to budget for investing in extra-curricular programmes. We are always willing to talk to you about a number of different ways that you can offer Curiosity in your school and the savings it can help you to make. This may include working with ‘friends’ of the school, applications for funding or even running Curiosity as a club for which the families make a modest financial contribution.


Is there training available and is it easy to use?

Yes and yes! The interface has been extensively trialled with teachers and honed so as to be easy to use as well as being comprehensive in what it delivers. Usually, a teacher can become competent and confident with the interface in just two or three hours and there is always support on hand for any of those slightly unusual situations.

Does it run during school or after school and how much time is needed?

Curiosity is incredibly flexible. Ideally, it will be deployed as a regular weekly event, possibly a timetabled session of around an hour. Commonly a school will deliver Curiosity as a timetabled curriculum enrichment session allowing approximately one week for each challenge to be completed.

Is it for all students?

Absolutely! Curiosity is aimed at the 9-14 year age group and within that group> the students are able to work independently at their own level and at their own pace.

How much planning time is involved?

Once the platform is up and running (which usually only takes one session) there is no additional planning needed.

Everything required for the students can be found on the Challenge Cards and the succinct but comprehensive Teacher Notes. This means that at no point will the teacher need to hunt around for information.